Ultra-fast version of Windows 10 is out


For over thirty years, Microsoft has been an almost complete monopolist in the field of operating systems for personal computers. During this time, it has had both successes and failures, but that is not what we are talking about now. At the moment, relevant is Windows 10 – a fairly successful operating system, which was released in a stable form in 2015. Nevertheless, despite its advantages, the tenth “vinda” has some shortcomings. One of them is performance. It is quite “slow” even compared to the not-so-successful Windows 8.1.

Working on bugs

In the four and a half years that Windows 10 has been around, many updates have been released. They added new functionality, improved the appearance and made the system more stable and secure. But the performance problem still remained. Microsoft has repeatedly stated that it will improve – with almost every update. Each time, it remained an empty promise. Users did not notice any improvement. However, now, in the last build of the system before the next Windows 11 release, the problem has finally been fixed.

A few weeks ago, the 19H2 build was released and can be downloaded from the official Microsoft website. It is expected that within a few weeks, i.e. before the end of the year, it can be distributed through the Windows Update Center. This means that as many users as possible can install the new build on their devices.

Windows 10

Microsoft experts assure that 19H2 showed a huge speed increase in technical tests. In some cases – more than twice compared to other assemblies. Whether this is the case, time will tell, but so far users who have downloaded this build themselves without waiting for it to appear in the Windows Update Center seem to be satisfied.

It is ironic that Microsoft was able to fix the eternal problem of version 10 just a few months before the release of the new operating system. However, it does inspire some optimism. After all, if the developments of Windows 10 19H2 use Windows 11, it means that the new operating system will really work much better than the current “ten”. At least, in this case Microsoft advertisers did not lie to ordinary users – maybe they will keep their other promises, including the new update system?